Thursday, August 24, 2006

Extra !! Extra !! Newspapers and magazine for free!!

That's right. I am not talking about reading your newspaper or magazines on the internet for free. No, no, nothing but the real thing: real colorful weeklies, oily newspapers or perfumed fashion magazines. I am currently subscribed to a handful of them, all for free. Not a penny out of my pocket. Well, I paid with airmiles currency. Normally, I do consider airmiles as any other currency, but since I had a few thousand expiring Delta Skymiles, I either used them for something good, or lose them. Through the Delta Skymiles, Magazines for miles, you can subscribe to many magazines. Take a look on their website. Renewal offers are also quite reasonable. Magazines have you rather as a subscriber at bottom prices, than not at all. They don't make their money with subscriptions, but with advertisement. And the advertisement fee is correlated to the number of (paying or non-paying) subscribers. For that reason, Forbes, kept sending me free magazines for years!

Be aware: It is common to forget about which magazines or newspapers you ordered. And you don't really know when they are supposed to start. Finding the contact info is often difficult. So let me share you two numbers for the Delta Magazines for Miles program:

  • Awards Processing Center - 1-(800)-586-7046
  • Magazine Customer Service, 1-(800)-961-870
Time to go and read my paper newspaper!

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